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Saravana Kumar

From Crisis to Care: The Spectacular Evolution of Emergency Medicine in India

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:7] [Pages No:1-7]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0005  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Deepak Kishor Sharma, Sandeep B Gore

Analysis of Blood Cultures of Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department in a Tertiary Healthcare Hospital in Mumbai

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:6] [Pages No:12-17]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0006  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Rajadurai Meenakshisundaram, Anand Raj Ramavel, Nayyara Banu, Akmal Areeb, Esther Monica Jared Premkumar, Salman Saeed

Effectiveness of Teaching and Demonstration in Improvement of Knowledge and Skill on CPR among School-going Adolescents: A Quasi-experimental Study

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:5] [Pages No:18-22]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0009  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Ankur Verma, Sanjay Jaiswal, Amit Batra, Abbas Ali Khatai, Nilesh Prasad, Saumya Khard, Shivani Sarda

Aortic Dissection Presenting as Acute Ischaemic Stroke and Thrombolysed: A Case Series

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:3] [Pages No:23-25]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0010  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Utsav Anand Mani, Mukesh Kumar, Haider Abbas, Pranay Gupta

Delayed Neurotoxic Paralysis with Confounding Hypokalaemia

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:3] [Pages No:26-28]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0002  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Seetharaman Nagasubbu, Sai Surendar Mohan, Ramkumar Selvam

Anticoagulants Induced Ecchymosis

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:2] [Pages No:29-30]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0003  |  Open Access |  How to cite


A Aishwarya, Nilu Sunil

What May Stand Behind Chest Pain: A Case Report on Aortic Dissection

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:5] [Pages No:31-35]

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0004  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Quiz in Emergency Medicine

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:3] [Pages No:36-38]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0007  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Expert Review

TS Srinath Kumar

Emergency Medicine Academics in India: A Roadmap for Future

[Year:2023] [Month:January-April] [Volume:1] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:8-11]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/njem-11015-0008  |  Open Access |  How to cite

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